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A Dependable Turf Supplier Answers Your Questions

Welcome to R&M Artificial Turf, your go-to artificial grass and turf supplier! We will answer some often-asked questions about these synthetic substitutes for natural materials on this FAQ page. Artificial grass is a flexible solution that mimics the characteristics and look of genuine grass. On the other hand, artificial turf, which is frequently used in sports fields and landscaping, provides a low-maintenance alternative to real grass. This FAQ seeks to give you helpful information regarding the installation procedure or the advantages of certain materials. Let’s go into the commonly asked questions about installing artificial grass and turf in Amarillo, TX!

How much upkeep is required for artificial grass, and how long does it last?

Artificial grass installation services deliver results that are made to survive for a very long time. Depending on usage and quality, artificial grass can last 15 to 25 years on average. To maximize its longevity, proper maintenance is essential. Cleaning artificial grass often is necessary to get rid of dirt, leaves, and other organic materials. The fibers may be kept erect by occasionally sweeping them with a hard-bristle broom. The grass should also be rinsed sometimes to keep it clean and free of pollen or dust.

Can artificial grass be put down over real grass?

Although it is theoretically conceivable, it is not advised to lay artificial grass over already-existing natural grass. It is important to remove the natural grass before installing artificial turf for the finest outcomes and durability. This procedure includes destroying the current grass, getting rid of it, and properly preparing the land. By removing the natural grass, it is possible to improve drainage and avoid any lumps or uneven surfaces that can compromise the functionality and appearance of the artificial grass.

Are both children and pets safe on artificial grass?

Yes, both children and pets may play on artificial grass. It is intended to be non-toxic and free of dangerous compounds. To assure their safety, contemporary artificial grass products go through extensive testing. Additionally, since artificial grass doesn’t require the pesticides, fertilizers, or other potentially dangerous materials that are required to maintain natural grass, it is a safer option for both kids and dogs. Let us be your go-to artificial turf supply expert!

Can slopes be covered with artificial grass?

Yes, sloping areas can have fake grass placed. To maintain optimum stability and avoid erosion, extra actions can be needed throughout the installation process. To establish a level area for the artificial grass, a professional installation may frequently employ specialized techniques like terracing or erecting retaining walls. It is crucial to speak with a skilled installer who can evaluate the specific slope and offer solutions that are appropriate for your unique requirements.

Do I need to hire a professional to install fake grass, or can I do it myself?

Although installing fake grass oneself is a possibility, consulting a professional is strongly advised. As an artificial turf supplier, we are equipped with the skills, resources, and experience to guarantee a high-quality and durable installation. They will ensure that the fake grass is properly laid out and fastened, and they will properly prepare the foundation and fix any drainage issues. In addition to saving you time and effort, a professional installation lowers the possibility of future problems.

We really hope that our FAQ has answered your questions and been both educational and useful. Whether it’s for your backyard, playground, or sports field, artificial grass offers a flexible and low-maintenance choice for beautifying your outdoor environment in Amarillo, TX. To guarantee a flawless installation and to receive individualized guidance, never hesitate to speak with your local turf supplier. Artificial grass may provide you with a lovely, long-lasting, and secure surface for many years if you maintain it well. Don’t be afraid to contact our specialists at R&M Artificial Turf if you have any more questions or require help. We can be reached at (806) 221-2902! Make the most of your outdoor living space by making use of your new fake grass!